Mornings with Jesus


AS A NOVELIST, I HAVE several trusted critique partners who pore over my manuscripts. They suggest places I need more description, flag areas where the pace lags, or

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Mornings with Jesus2 min letti
Thursday, March 25
WE LIVE NEXT DOOR TO the church we pastor. When our mid-western weather is either too muggy or frigid to walk outside, we exercise in the sanctuary. Three days ago, a visitor joined us. My husband, Kevin, and I had barely started walking when we hear
Mornings with Jesus2 min letti
Sunday, April 18
FRIENDS, MAY I CONFESS TO you that I used to hate baseball and groaned when my oldest son decided to play? Never into sports myself, I reluctantly embraced my son’s natural athleticism, but baseball made me want to nap on the bleachers. Games seemed
Mornings with Jesus2 min letti
Tuesday, April 27
THERE IS SO MUCH MORE Jesus wants to do in the earth through us, but as a body we struggle with unbelief. In the context of today’s Scripture verse, Jesus was trying to preach and heal people in His hometown of Nazareth, but they wouldn’t receive Him