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ntlers have dropped and it’s time to hit the woods and make sure that your mineral sites are freshened up, or if you don’t use minerals yet, new sites are established. Providing high-quality minerals to your deer herd is extremely important, not only to maximize antler growth, but also for improved health, disease prevention, improved milk production and an

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Readers Recoil
Much has been written about tracking and trailing white-tailed deer over the years, but a few points are often overlooked. Successful blood-trailing doesn’t require complicated strategies, but it does require that hunters pay close attention to simpl
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AGE And Grace
“There he is,” I said as we passed the red SUV in the pre-dawn darkness. “You have to give him credit,” Steve said. In fact, I gave him a lot of credit. The hunter, plainly visible in the dark just yards from the mountain road, wore a full blaze-oran
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Meat Grinding Guidelines
Venison processing invariably involves grinding some meat for burgers, sausage, meatballs, chili and various other snacks and entrees. Ground meat is a highly versatile ingredient that can be used many ways. Consequently, many hunters will grind much