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Barricade is the new annual cover screen and bedding plot, made up of a mix of three varieties of sorghum, that grows tall (up to 8 feet) and thick to create a visual block and cover screen.

A funny thing happened to my sons and I this past deer hunting season. Our new farm, one on which we barely had time to plant food plots, outperformed our established farm, one we have managed for years. Cameras proved that the old farm had the bucks, but we simply couldn’t cash in and did not see those bucks.

The new farm, on the other hand, did perform. It saved our season. The two farms are just a couple of miles apart.

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Winter Velvet
Have you seen a “cactus” buck? Probably not. That doesn’t mean a spiny desert plant shaped like a deer. Rather, it’s the rare phenomenon that occurs in deer with some testosterone deficie ncy. Often, these deer exhibit biological aberrations, such as
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Avoid A Common Peep Sight Pitfall
I have spent a considerable amount of time experimenting with peep sights through the years. I’ve tried all sorts of peep sight designs and aperture sizes. In the old days, we all used the original Fine Line peeps with rubber tubing that made sure th
Deer & Deer Hunting6 min letti
When Deer disappear
I was stoked! I came within a whisker of having a decent buck enter bow range and had seen several other deer during my afternoon sit. I couldn’t have been more confident for the next day’s hunt on the isolated alfalfa field. Not seeing the buck that