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7 Healthy Weight-Loss Diets
Weight loss continues to be the top reason for changing diets, but gone are the days when getting skinny was the overriding goal. Losing weight in a healthy, sustainable way is today’s holy grail. Successful diets favor or restrict different types of
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Brain Spanner
Homeopath and functional medicine nutritionist Bryce Wylde was determined to get to the root cause of his beloved mom’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis in 2018. “It turns out my mother had a toxic form due to environmental exposure,” he says. “She grew up on a
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CRANBERRY Calms Overactive Bladder
It’s estimated that about 30 percent of men and 40 percent of women experience overactive bladder. It isn’t a disease but a set of symptoms: the feeling that you’ve “gotta go” urgently and too often. Luckily, cranberry supplements can help. A study p