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When it comes to black-and-white images there’s a significant difference in the most effective style for each scene. One approach does not fit all conditions, and just as with the choice to convert an image to monochrome or leave it in colour, the style of black-and-white exposure and processing must be tailored for the scene currently being studied.

As such, low-key lighting won’t fit all types of landscape or lighting. In these cases

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Photography Week3 min lettiScience & Mathematics
Part 2 Understanding Exposure
Adjust the lens to allow more or less light through When you focus on a point, there’s an area in front and behind the point that also appears sharp. This is called the depth of field, and it can be changed by the lens aperture, which also controls t
Photography Week1 min lettiScience & Mathematics
Part 4 Focal Lengths
Shorter lenses fit more of a scene in the frame The angle of view of a lens is determined by its focal length. Wide-angle lenses have a focal length of 24mm or below, and allow you to fit more of a scene into the frame, so they’re useful for shooting
Photography Week1 min lettiScience & Mathematics
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