aybe you are a California boater who likes to cruise into Mexican waters.

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Fuelish Behavior
There’s a crazy boating video that recently circulated around social media and was picked up by several major media outlets. In the video, recorded at a marina in Italy, a woman is seen on the swim platform of a typical sterndrive cruiser, handling l
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Handheld Boat Lights
There are times when you’re on board where you need a light, such as a spotlight to look for channel markers or a flashlight to illuminate repairs down in the bilge. Here are three types of handheld lights to consider keeping on board, all available
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Remote Control Of Systems From Afar
In and of itself, digital switching offers great advantages to boaters. Add in the capability to remotely monitor and control ships systems, as Siren Marine’s connected boat platform does, and the convenience level rings the wow bell. “Our ability to