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Yamaha V-6 Offshore Outboards
Yamaha Marine has updated its immensely popular 4.2L V-6 Off shore outboards—the F250 and F300 models—with new electric steering systems, a redesigned exhaust bypass to optimize reverse thrust, fulltilt functionality, and more. The same Digital Elect
Boating2 min lettiTechnology & Engineering
SCOUT 215 Dorado
The Scout 215 Dorado adds flourishes to its classic lines—including a frameless, racy-looking wraparound acrylic windshield—that will turn heads anywhere this smooth-riding dual console carries you. An inviting bow area offers twin lounges and seatin
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Q: I’m a fanatic about my boat and wipe it down with tap water after each use to prevent water spots. I’ve been using a little white vinegar with the water, since the water spots are basic minerals and vinegar is a weak acid. But I wonder if the vine