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Make Security Cameras With motionEyeOS
GIVE A PERSON A CAMERA, and they’ll find a way to point it at other people. Most of the single-board computers that are popular at the moment have camera attachments, or can use a webcam through a USB port. MotionEyeOS is an operating system that doe
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> Gaming Server Case > Sleeper Build > Back to Tech Hey Zak! Glad to see Maximum PC is back to full length, and I hope you're staying safe and healthy. I had a quick question about a rack-mounted chassis. The parts I'm using are essentially a gaming
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Watch Dogs: Legion
UBISOFT’S OPEN-WORLD London is quite an achievement, even if its inhabitants frequently speak in a way that would make even Guy Ritchie think the dialog coaches had gone a bit far. It’s a shame, then, that such a fine representation of a near-future