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As a 16-year-old on a school bus trip, Tim Wilson was profoundly moved seeing the isthmus between Lakes Hāwea and Wānaka. He longed to convey to his classmates the feeling the landscape stirred in him; he wanted them to experience what he was seeing,
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And To Drink…
1. KIWI LAMB BURGERS Spice-centric and soused with redcurrant and raspberry, the instant aromatic hit of roasting pan juices, wild cherry and rhubarb makes the Tiki Estate Waipara Pinot Noir 2019 ($23.99) the duck’s nuts with lamb burgers. tikiwine.c
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And To Drink…
1. BAKED SPINACH AND RICOTTA GNOCCHI You simply must try the Sam Harrop Bridge Pa Fiano 2019 ($39) with this dish. A rare, local version of a Campanian variety, its green peppercorn, lemongrass and nutty minerality make it a stunning sip. Seriously.