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Perth in a Day

Breakfast on the Beach

ounds a little crazy, but morning time is the perfect time to hit the beaches that are nestled around the city. You’ll find that the waters are a bit

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Au Naturel
THERE’S A CERTAIN charm about Rajasthan that I can never quite pin down. Besides the fact that I’m married to a Rajput and Jaipur is my second home, the state itself has a charisma—in its history, culture, landscape, and simply its people—that draws
Travel & Leisure India & South Asia2 min letti
LETTER From The Editor
AS WE GEAR UP FOR what will hopefully be a travel-filled season, we’ve compiled some endearing, exciting, and amusing family-travel narratives. Explore Madurai’s most famous temples and markets with a motley bunch of people who have starkly contrasti
Travel & Leisure India & South Asia4 min letti
Luxury Travel goes Domestic
ASK ANY STAKEHOLDER about the current state of the travel market, and they will tell you that the Indian luxury traveller is ruling the roost. Luxury hotels have seen a surge in travellers over the past couple of months, and people are willing to spe