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David Grimwood is a good man to know. For starters, he is the conservation officer for the Alde and Ore Wildfowlers. He is a passionate naturalist and is ever prepared to impart his boundless knowledge of the birds that dwell along this wild, picturesque slice of Suffolk’s coastline.

He also is one of the finest wild food chefs. His restaurant, the Froize in Chillesford, carries a well-deserved

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A Memory Of Shark Appeal
I have been enjoying Shooting Times for more than 50 years. Recently, I have been enjoying Aidan Hartley’s articles. As a family we visited Malindi in Kenya to fish and go on safaris organised by the Paul family who run Kingfisher Fishing. Aidan’s st
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Breeding? It’s Not Rocket Science
As I have said before, if you cannot improve on your stock, there is no point in breeding from your own ferrets. Unlike the extraordinary price increase in dogs, there is little money to be made from breeding and selling ferrets. Breeding from tried
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Beasts Beyond Our Shores
With its impressive and distinctive spiral horns, the greater kudu is the most majestic of all African antelope. A mature bull measures 1.4m at the shoulder and weighs up to 260kg. Only the male has horns, which take six years to reach full size. Bot