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As much as I respect Richard Negus as a broadcaster and country pursuits writer, I feel he’s got it sadly wrong on Sizewell C and RSPB’s Minsmere reserve (Country Diary, 6 January). OK, so Minsmere might be “man-made” but, to a certain extent, so are
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To Do This Week
Make spring corvid control plans. Spring is the best time of year to control corvids. Make sure you are ready by working out trap and hide locations and doing any necessary repairs. Also ensure your corvid control is compliant with any changes to the
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Dorcas Gazelle (gazella Dorcas)
build — an adult male typically weighs around 16.5kg, a female 12.6kg. They are true desert animals: they don’t drink, but obtain moisture from the succulent plants and bushes they browse. Their wide distribution reflects an adaptability, for they ca