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Remembering Hansie

The article about Hansie Cronjé’s sister, Hester Parsons (YOU, 27 February), was very sad but what she and her husband are

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In Brief
My pet hate is when someone, in mid-conversation, suddenly starts to sing what they’re trying to say in a falsetto. I find this really extremely embaaarrassing and irrrrritaaaating. BEV, EMAIL Instead of letting prisoners sit around idle in prison l
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Billion-dollar Divorce
WHEN they got married, a simple wedding gift from her parents would become one of her most treasured possessions. It was a sculpture of two little birds sitting side by side staring at the horizon, and she put it in the front garden of their home so
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The Planned Ban On Canned Lion Hunting In SA
THE minister of environment, forestry and fisheries, Barbara Creecy, recently announced that South Africa is working towards ending captive breeding and keeping of lions for canned hunting, as well as for cub-petting. Canned hunting is the hunting of