World War II


ERMAN SCHOOLCHILDREN GROW UP LEARNING the story of Sophie Scholl, the 21-year-old heroine who defied the Nazis in a dramatic act of resistance. For nearly a year, starting in 1942, she and a small band of college students—who called themselves the “White Rose”—drafted and mimeographed leaflets denouncing Hitler’s regime, sending them to addresses in and around the city of Munich and sometimes hiding them in public phone books. At night they painted anti-Nazi graffiti

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World War II1 min letti
Dame Vera Lynn, an English singer who raised wartime morale by serenading the troops with sentimental songs such as “We’ll Meet Again,” died June 18 at her home in Sussex at age 103. Known as the “Force’s Sweetheart,” Lynn entertained British soldier
World War II2 min lettiPolitics
Call To Honor French African Fighters
ADDI BA, born in Guinea before moving to France, fought with colonial Senegalese troops early in World War II only to be captured by the Germans. He escaped from a prison in France’s Vosges mountains and joined the Maquis—a band of resistance fighter
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Bearing Witness
Japanese artists Iri and Toshi Maruki wanted the world to see what had happened in Hiroshima. Buildings aflame, corpses scorched like kindling, the air dense with flies and smoke. Horrors the couple couldn’t comprehend—only paint, first as three coll