World War II


It’s been said that if you look into an infantryman’s eyes you can tell how much war he has seen. Gaze into the eyes of the warriors portrayed by World War II combat artist Tom Lea and you know that his subjects have seen hell.

Thomas Calloway Lea III (1907-2001) covered the war for magazine, a knew Lea’s paintings captured something the camera lens could miss: his affinity for the men he covered, combined with a relentless pursuit of accuracy.

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World War II2 min letti
Mystery Money?
IT WAS AN ODD THING for Philippine President Manuel L. Quezon to do with his country on the brink of disaster. By early January 1942, Japan had invaded the islands, sweeping aside General Douglas MacArthur’s American and Filipino troops. MacArthur’s
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The Dark Place
It is arguably one of the most emotional and impactful scenes in Hollywood history. Sitting at Martini’s bar in the fictional town of Bedford Falls, a forlorn George Bailey has reached his breaking point. Festive music plays in the background as glee
World War II2 min letti
Driven To Win
IN APRIL 1938, just a year and a half before France declared war on Nazi Germany, teams of drivers from the two countries faced off on a racetrack in Pau, France, on the northern edge of the Pyrenees. Both sides had trained heavily to win the 1938 Gr