World War II


ANDREW HOCKO JR., the son of Slovakian immigrants who settled in Scranton, Pennsylvania, coal country, was a waist gunner aboard Double Trouble, a B-24J Liberator bomber that took off from Pandaveswar, India, on February 13, 1945. Joined by five other bombers from the Tenth Air Force’s 493rd Squadron, 7th Bomb Group, Double Trouble winged southeast over Calcutta and the Indian Ocean before turning east en route to the jungled borderlands between Burma and Thailand. The low-level, “in-and-out” mission would take 15 hours—assuming they returned safely.

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A Guide To The End
A LITTLE OVER A YEAR AGO, I was in Sicily on one of my numerous trips to the island—part of my research for a narrative history of the Allied campaign there that I was writing. There were some places I hadn’t seen before that I wanted to check out, n
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Merrill’s Marauders Honored
FOR FIVE MONTHS, they fought behind enemy lines in the Burmese jungle, battling stifling heat and disease as well as elite Japanese troops. By the time the unit disbanded in August 1944, 95 percent of Merrill’s Marauders were dead, wounded, or medica
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Shadow Army
THROUGH THE DARKEST OF TIMES Paintbucket Games, $14.99. Available on Steam. WORLD WAR II RATING THE BASICS Through the Darkest of Times follows a resistance cell in Berlin, Germany, from the time Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor in 1933 until shortly