World War II


Q: The effectiveness of Germany’s U-boats against Allied shipping during the Battle of the Atlantic is legendary. How did U.S. submarines compare in the Pacific?

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World War II12 min letti
The Privilege Of Playing A Part
“February 10, 1944: I am glad to be leaving…it seems there is another job to be done in which I have the privilege of playing a part. I am going to describe my trip…in a hope that it will be of interest to those who read it.” So began the shipboard d
World War II11 min letti
Worry Aboard Ole Worrybird
With two of four engines shot out by antiaircraft fire, our B-17G, Ole Worrybird, sank slowly away from the rest of the 334th Bombardment Squadron and fell farther and farther behind. Those guys are flying home to England, I thought, but will we make
World War II1 min lettiPolitics
Survey Project Completed
It took two years and 190,000 pages, but researchers at Virginia Tech—aided by an army of online volunteers—managed to complete “The American Soldier in World War II” project. They transcribed 65,000 surveys of American troops in World War II in time