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Farmer's Weekly1 min lettiBiology
The Role Of The Lymphatic System
The body’s circulatory system comprises the heart, lungs and blood vessels. Newly oxygenated blood flows from the lungs to the heart. From there, it flows through progressively smaller arteries until it reaches the smallest vessels, called capillarie
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World In Brief
Australia’s AU$1,6 billion (about R18,5 billion) annual timber trade with China hangs in the balance after requests to that country’s customs officials to resume log exports were ignored. Reuters reported that the four-million-ton log trade was large
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Conserving Grazing Without Fences
One of the key principles of Allan Savory’s holistic management planned grazing system is that nature functions as a holistic community, with people, animals and the land all interconnected. Removing or changing the behaviour of any keystone species