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ABOUT THREE quarters of a billion pounds is spent on probiotic products in the UK alone each year. Now, new research is increasingly revealing health benefits beyond the digestive system, including specific strains of bacteria that can apparently encourage your body to be slim.

But what exactly is a probiotic and how does it work? The word probiotic means ‘for life’, because

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Tried & Tested
‘About 10 years ago I slipped two discs (L3/4, and L4/5). In addition to the pain caused by this, I get other aches in my lower back and some discomfort in my hips, too. Osteopathy and physiotherapy have helped a lot, but have never resolved the issu
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Feel Calmer Today
Blue light protection Protect your eyes with the Ocushield glasses (from £39.99,, which feature medical-grade blue light filters. By filtering out blue light, you can reduce anxiety and stress, helping to improve your sleep. You can al
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A WORD WITH… Lesley Clarke
I wake up at 6.30am every day. I take my dog Hati for a walk, check in on my flowers and plants, and then make a hot water with lemon and honey. Breakfast is gluten-free granola with almond milk and an English breakfast tea. I steer away from gluten