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he main source of our energy is obtained through the food we eat. However, generally people don’t view food in terms of how quickly or slowly it will provide them with that energy. If you think of food as fast, medium and slow-releasing, your choices might differ. A fast-energy meal will give you a boost of energy but it will run out fast, leaving you hungry again. And if you want to lose weight, feel calm and relaxed and have balanced energy, going for quick-fix energy boosts in the form of refined cereals, milk chocolate, pasta and pastries isn’t a good idea. If it’s carbs you’re after, go for the ones that

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Your Healthy January
It may be nippy, but – if you can bear it – there’s a good reason to head outside, particularly if your new year’s resolution is weight loss. Viennese research has found that cold temperatures can increase your levels of vitamin A. This can help conv
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“I Lost Weight Going Vegan!”
PACKING MY SUITCASE FOR A cruise ship holiday in October 2019, I felt fed up. I’d been shopping for new clothes, but coming home with outfits in a size 26 was depressing. The holiday was tainted by how uncomfortable I felt. I was 19st, breathless and
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Sam’s 3 Foods For Weight Management
OATS Whether you like a bowl of porridge or prefer cold bircher muesli, oats are nourishing and incredibly filling. I love porridge topped with banana and cinnamon. GREEK YOGHURT Greek yoghurt is a great alternative to mayonnaise and can add creami