The 7 Most Common Myths About Plant-Based Diets

You may have noticed - much to the delight of any vegan or vegan-curious - plant-based eating seems to be on everyone's mind. Earlier this year, the Golden Globes served its first-ever vegan menu, while the Netflix documentary Game Changers touted the benefits of plant-based diets for elite athletes. Add the fact that you can find or make a cauliflower version of pretty much every dish, and even eat a meatless Impossible Whopper at Burger King, and it's clear that it's never been easier to up your veggie intake.

But what exactly plant-based eating? According to , MS, RD, and best-selling author of , "There's no official definition of a plant-based diet, but every nutrition expert I've spoken to about it agrees that it is based on plants. It includes vegans and vegetarians, but it also includes flexitarians, those following the MIND diet, and anyone trying

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