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Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition1 min letti
FORMAT PS5, PS4 / ETA SPRING PUB PM STUDIOS / DEV SKROLLCAT STUDIO, KYX STUDIO / PLAYERS 1 Playing as the titular Hoa, a fairy who returns home to find her land asleep, you must jump and solve puzzles to bring life back to the place. It’s a standard
Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition2 min letti
Necromunda: Hired Gun
FORMAT PS5, PS4 / ETA 1 JUN PUB FOCUS HOME INTERACTIVE / DEV STREUMON STUDIO / PLAYERS TBC There’s nothing more satisfying in gaming than taking apart a room full of dangerous enemies with surgical precision – aside from doing it with your pet growl
Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition1 min letti
Don’t Delete
The Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association case was decided, protecting mature games as free speech. It could have led to separate stocking of age ratings in the US, and affected game development decisions worldwide. Once locked to Sony’s natt