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New treatment proven to stop depression in its tracks

For those who are on an oral contraceptive pill but have trouble remembering to take it each day, scientists are currently developing a contraceptive pill that only needs to be taken once a month. The gelatine capsule dissolves in the stomach, releasing a six-armed structure that sits in the stomach and releases hormones to prevent pregnancy for at least three weeks. The technology and dosage is still in the early stages of development and has only been tested on pigs so far, but experts are excited at the prospect of more expanded options for female contraceptives, especially for those in the developing world where health services can be limited or difficult to access.


(Icon Books, ) from Danish psychiatrist Dr Pia Callesen is the first practical book on metacognitive therapy, a new treatment that has been proven to stop depression in its tracks. As its title suggests, the book provides strategies for taking back control of our thinking processes. From training your attention, to leaving your negative thoughts

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Proven to reduce wrinkle volume by 4.5 times, Snowberry’s Youth Renewing Serum delivers the eProlex™ triple peptide complex to help boost collagen and elastin production while nourishing and hydrating. It has been specifically designed to re-densify