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Perfect Puzzlers
Without a doubt, Monkey Island’s most iconic puzzle. As Guybrush travels along Mêlée Island, he has to spar with scores of pirates, learning insults in preparation for a showdown with the Swordmaster. Then, he has to think on his toes, applying what
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It’s The Simple Things…
Is there any such thing as a perfect videogame? Admittedly, it’s a question that is always going to be subjective, but I think it’s an easier question to answer than it might be for other art forms such as, say, music or movies or, I dunno, wood carv
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Hardware Heaven
Kishin Douji Zenki: Vajra Fight This anime tie-in plays pretty decently but looks absolutely excellent thanks to the 2D power of the PC-FX, as well as some great sprite art that has often been compared to that of Treasure’s Saturn classic Guardian He