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FREEDOM Whose definition are we following Part ll

Last month we looked at the subject of freedom, comparing Biblical freedom to man-made freedom. This month we go deeper in this series.

So, what is the real meaning of freedom? I am not asking for a man-made definition of freedom that confuses the people in our country and around the globe even more, if that is even possible, but the definition that burns in the heart of the great I Am. We see so many definitions of freedom, blurted out from the mouths of those claim to have all the facts,

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FREEDOM Whose Definition Are We Following? Part V
We have been studying freedom to get a better understanding of what true biblical freedom entails. We have learnt that it is in the Word of Abba Father where true freedom lies. Obedience to the Word of the Father brings freedom to live with purpose.
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A Good Reason to PRAY
Far too often we reach out to God when something is wrong, but this shouldn’t be the only time that we turn to prayer. I recently received a message from a friend whom I have not seen or heard from for half a century. When I last saw him, there wasn’