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Winning the lotto would make you happy, right? Or what about being given a brand-new car? Turns out, to experience pure happiness, you need more than just material wealth. ‘There are two major dimensions to happiness,’ explains Miriam Akhtar, an expert in positive psychology. ‘Your happiness is a balance between hedonic wellbeing (the pleasure in the moment)

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Colours We Love... Dusky Purple
Dusky purple with its brown undertone, used on the walls, is superb for giving large, light-filled spaces a more intimate, cosy feel. Paired with white woodwork and ceilings, this hue won’t overwhelm or feel claustrophobic, either. Just choose pure w
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Should catcalling & wolf-whistling BE ILLEGAL?
Why? Because all he’s doing is commenting on my appearance, he has committed no crime, and sometimes it’s just the ego boost I need. If I’ve had a bad day or I’m feeling a bit low about how I look, as I’m Zoe May, 33, is a successful romance author.
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No one couch fits well in all homes, and needs change as a family grows. Consider, too, the idea of flexibility; being able to swap things around to keep your decor fresh. All of these factors are why we prefer modular furniture, where separate secti