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The true meaning of Tantra

ome exhibitions don’t need much in the way of explanation to draw the crowds. The British Museum – on the other hand – is about to tackle a subject that’s been at the heart, brings together objects from India, Tibet, Japan and beyond (including a Bengali depiction of the Goddess Kali, pictured here), to explore the diverse ways that Tantric philosophy changed the practice of Hinduism and Buddhism, and even came to shape 1960s counter-culture. Kali herself embodies much of the mystery of Tantra: often cloaked in violent imagery, yet also worshipped as a symbol of maternal love, and more recently seen through a feminist lens.

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More Reasons To Get Out There
GoAir has just launched new direct international flights to the island nation from Delhi and Bangalore. Introductory prices are currently on. The flight from Delhi will take off at 10.15am and reach Colombo at 2.10pm on all days except Wednesday, whi
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Riding the Long Road
It wasn’t that I was a stranger to adventure. I had the good fortune of being born into a family that enjoys the road. I was weaned on road trips. In 1989, my parents bought a car in Delhi, a fire engine-red Maruti van, and we drove it back home to J
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A Day In The Life Of kakadu
@olivertomberry @chris_chen_ ASK the local Bininj and Mungguy people about Kakadu, and they’ll politely inform you that there’s no such place. It might sprawl over 7,646 square miles of the Northern Territory, but, to these peoples, the land now know