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3 Epic Half Marathons To Train For
Held every year since 1978, this is an iconic event on the Aussie running calendar. The half finishes with a well-deserved victory lap of the MCG. If you’ve always wanted to see the Red Centre, this is a mind-blowing way to d
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Discuss Fitness
Need a circuit refresh? Train from the top down. It’s called vertical loading: you start with upper-body exercises (arms, chest) and end with your legs, moving from one muscle group to the next without rest. Why? You get more done in less time (since
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THE WH ROAD TEST Dopamine Fasting
Most of us know dopamine as the ‘pleasure chemical’ but it’s so much more than that. This neurotransmitter is involved in motivation, memory and even motor function, explains Eugenia Poh, a PhD student researching dopamine at The University of Wester