When the race outcome is on the line, how do you get enough fuel into your body? A savory rice cake packed with calories sounds great. But taking your hands off your bars to dig into your jersey pocket and unwrap your food isn’t practical, especially if you’re charging toward the base of a big climb, or navigating high-speed, technical singletrack.

So why not just

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Bag It
In the 1990s, as a bike touring newbie, I set my sights on Seattle and started pedaling west from Upstate New York. Back then, there weren’t a lot of bike bag options. I mounted boxy Jandd front and rear panniers to a heavy rack, and two months later
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Gear Issues
A decade ago, whenever the annual gear issue went into production, I found myself with a familiar assignment. I was to write the At the Back column about the latest and not-so-greatest mechanical calamity I had suffered while out riding my bike. Gear
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Understanding And Using Stack And Reach
As bicycles have become lighter and more aerodynamic, their dimensions have become harder to measure. When bikes had horizontal top tubes and stems, measuring the length of a bike’s seat tube, top tube, and stem was easy and useful. Nowadays, sloping