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A sense of identity

As Simon Schama noted, the “Jewish story has been anything but commonplace”. Imagine, then, what that story might entail on the edge of the global diaspora?

This book provides an insight, specifically of those Jews who live in or have an association with Auckland. It is the initiative of the indefatigable Ann

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The Spring Of Our Reconnect
It has been the winter of our disconnect. We have watched people fighting to own toilet rolls and populist leaders prescribing bizarre remedies to outwit a virus. Covid-19 was never a simple choice between cake or death; it was about the political an
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Win Some, Lose Some
Sport is a barometer of normality. The fact that the Bledisloe Cup match in Wellington on October 11 will be the All Blacks’ first outing for almost a year is a sign of the abnormal times. Barring another Covid spike, it will take place before a sell
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Nightmare on Downing Street
They say nature abhors a vacuum, but nowhere near as much as culture, especially London political culture. For some time now, there has been a strange absence where you might expect a prime minister to be. The word is that Boris Johnson has “long Cov