1 Self-care

ut your health above all else, even if that means stepping away from your art. “All humans need to actively engage in self-care, but for those

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Improve Your Keyframe Skills
This workshop features a standalone image from a personal piece. My process usually involves modelling or sculpting 3D assets in software like Blender or Maya, rendering in Octane and then moving into Photoshop for the final composition and paintover
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First Impressions
Where did you grow up and how has this influenced your art? I grew up in a small town in Connecticut just outside of NYC. I lived close to the University of Hartford, a school known for its illustration program. I began taking weekend classes there i
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Draw Heads From Observation
Before I draw the human head, I observe the shape, planes and rhythms. Then I start by capturing shape and gesture, by drawing the major shapes using big strokes and long marks. I can then position features using the vertical and horizontal centre of