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Jo Elphick

Jo is an academic lawyer and lecturer specialising in criminal law and forensics. She is also

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How It Works2 min lettiNature
Solitary Nesters
One of around 200 of the planet’s solitary bees, the red mason bee has to search for a suitable egg-laying location that doesn’t need to be built from scratch. This species only flies 90 metres from its nest, so an area that provides the female’s nee
How It Works1 min lettiScience & Mathematics
The Three Variations
Some believe that life didn’t just reach Earth from other planets, but was sent here by a more advanced species. Could there be another human-like species out there – or perhaps a more intelligent one – that has created life as we know it? This theo
How It Works1 min letti
Did You Know?
You can report egg case finds to the Shark Trust, who record where they are found for better protection Rays are quite shy, and will only attack if threatened Some rays have really strong jaws, which allows them to munch through crab and snail sh