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9 STEPS TO Better Bowhunting

Shooting a bow isn’t difficult, but consistent accuracy can be. Two distinctly independent “machines” must work synergistically to deliver a perfectly placed arrow.

First, the mechanical machine, consisting of the bow and its collective accessories, must operate correctly. Then there’s the shooter — the human machine. Sending arrows downrange with surgical precision requires attention to many subtle nuances. Overlook one, and the machine breaks down.

Your accuracy will suffer.

The smallest mechanical malfunction can negatively impact arrow flight. No matter how seasoned or accomplished the archer, if his or her equipment is off, tightly crowded arrow groups will remain elusive.

Here are the first five nuances you need to keep your eye on:


Arrow spine remains an abstract concept for many archers, evidently because you can’t hold it in your hand or see it with the naked eye.

Simply put, spine is the stiffness of an arrow shaft. If you have

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