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Plant-based pros

Once the misunderstood and often mocked approach of so-called eco warriors, veganism is now mainstream.

While there are various reasons to remove, or at least cut down on, meat and other animal products, an increasing number of athletes are doing so for performance purposes alone. However, individual needs vary from sport to sport.

A cyclist, for example, needs an average of 6071 calories per day on a ride, while a soccer player burns around a third of that during a 90-minute match. Regardless of which diet you follow, getting the requisite energy and nutrients can be a tricky business, so cutting off numerous foods limits options, meaning careful planning and research is key.

Foregoing meat and dairy foods can be a tough decision for anyone, but for an athlete with crucial performances on the line, it’s a potentially career-changing move. Professional cyclist Adam Hansen, who

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Try This
1a. Pull-up x 10 1b. Press-up x 20 (60 secs rest / repeat x 3-5 sets) 2a. Prisoner Jump Squat x 20 2b. Burpee x 10 (30 secs rest / repeat x 3-5 sets) 3a. Isometric Press-up x 20 secs 3b. Wall Sit x 45 secs (30 secs rest / repeat x 3-5 sets) 4a.
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Form Check
Minimise lateral movement at your hips, torso and shoulders, conserving energy for propelling your body forward instead of side to side. Strength and core work will help. Relaxation is essential to maintaining effortless running form. Think about r
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Food For Thought
There’s something missing from your diet. It’s not a rare berry native to a remote corner of the Amazon, or a recently discovered super-leaf with 60 times the antioxidants of green tea. No, it’s something far more primal. It’s a foodstuff that our an