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Remember when you first heard fat was bad?

Probably not – it’s been drilled so deep into nutritional dogma that it’s hard to tell exactly when fat became public enemy No 1. A good place to start is the 1980s, when the US National Academy of Sciences told the world that everybody should go on a low-fat diet. Butter, yoghurts and oils were suddenly on par with arsenic, and carbs quickly filled the gaps left by fat. Soft, fluffy foods became healthy substitutes for anything greasy and men began worrying if their Foreman grills had enough tilt. Funny thing is, this mass carb-loading overlapped perfectly with the rising obesity boom. Keep reading to appreciate

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“My ethos is that fitness should always be balanced with a person’s lifestyle to remain sustainable,” says James Stirling, otherwise known as @london_fitness_guy. “It should be accessible and enjoyable, while being tailored to measurable and realisti
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Language Lesson
When we first went into lockdown, a home fitness revolution was born. But without the guidance of a PT or the ability to copy the bloke on the bench over, Brits had to take exercise instruction into their own hands – by doing an awful lot of Googling
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15 Minutes With… Skechers Ambassador Jamie Redknapp
YOU STOPPED PLAYING PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL IN 2005, BUT IS FITNESS STILL A BIG PART OF YOUR LIFE? It’s a massive part of my life, on so many levels. Mentally, as much as anything, it means a lot. I do some form of exercise most days – be it playing g