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3 Ways To...
Stretch the muscles you aren’t using – say, your hamstrings if you’re bench-pressing. It won’t affect your set, but it will aid overall flexibility and blood flow. Try ‘active’ rest, such as performing a few press-ups during a squat session, to kee
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See The Light
£13.75 (12 x 300ml), Made from Scottish-grown cereals and fresh highland water from Loch Katrine, Tennent’s Light is bright and balanced, with a nice blend of bitter sweetness – and there’s just 60 calories per bottle. We’ll have five
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Full Stream Ahead
Although most health clubs took the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic, many refused to back down, finding creative solutions to stay afloat and proving where there’s a will to workout, there’s a way. Fitness became digitised, and gyms and studios wer