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Sumo strong

The squat is just about the best lower-body compound exercise going, but eventually you will get bored of doing

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Meet The Frontman: Alex Crockford
Gracing the cover this issue is fitness model and personal trainer Alex Crockford. The 30-year-old believes in sustainable gains: lifestyle and training changes that can create fitness for life, rather than flash-in-the-pan diets and workout programm
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Bfr Training
Also known as Occlusion Training, blood-flow restriction involves the application of a pneumatic cuff or ‘tourniquet’ applied to a limb. The cuff is inflated to a specific pressure during low-intensity resistance exercises (20-30 per cent of one-rep
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Give It Some Oof
Recovery footwear specialists OOFOS have released a new closed-toe option, the OOmg eeZee – which is more comfortable to wear than it is to pronounce. While you could be forgiven for confining these to the privacy of your own home, there are more imp