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Q I’m Diabetic, Should I Be Doing Daily Finger Blood Testing?
A In the UK, the NHS only prescribes testing meters and strips to patients on insulin, unless the GP gives good reasons for other type 2 patients. However there’s now evidence that self-monitoring blood glucose can help people with non-insulin-depend
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Have you ever wondered how honey bees spend the winter? Rather like us, these ingenious insects prefer to stay snuggled up at home during the colder months. In fact, honey bees only venture out of their cosy hive to occasionally find water. Experts a
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Tiny cyclamen coum (8-12cm high) will be showing now, their delicate pink or white petals folded back like fairy wings. Plant varieties such as ‘Maurice Dryden’ (pale pink with raspberry tints) or ‘Tilebarn Graham’ (deep pink with purplish blotches)