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Andi Robertson
The writing seems to be on the wall as far as the chances of there being a Mixed Offshore event at the 2024 Olympics. It is not that any of the IOC’s concerns about the new event are new or have just been raised with World Sailing, working with some
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Sam’s Verdict
The Neel 43 is a highly innovative yacht that combines weight saving and sleek hull design with clever nacelle layout to provide a yacht that is both fast, fun and comfortable. The looks are individual – as with most multihulls – but the performance
Yachts & Yachting magazine3 min letti
Jess Lloyd-Mostyn
Liveaboard sailing is, in general, actually a pretty safe lifestyle to adopt. If you steer clear of pirate hotspots (so not Somalia) and don’t dip down to the huge seas of the southern ocean (brrrrrr!) you can coast around in a warm, temperate climat