Everyone has a different idea about the values that life offers. The narcotic addict who quietly indulges his vice in a dark corner will hold a different view of what constitutes a satisfying life than that held by an executive of an industrial conglomerate. The archaeologist who can go wild with delight over a sculpture from antiquity also evaluates his existence on earth differently to a person engaged in a nursing or caring profession who is totally dedicated to his or her patients and charges.

However, they all have one thing in common: They find life worth living if it pays sufficient attention to their inclinations and dispositions. If the drug addict has enough time and money to lie on the mat while high, the company director can take advantage of all the opportunities available to lead his business profitably, the historian can dig up a lost ancient city or the dedicated professional working with the sick can successfully treat or cure serious cases,

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In writing a letter to the magazine, please include the writer’s name, address, and daytime telephone number, and bear in mind that letters to the editor always reflect the writer’s personal opinion, which is not necessarily that of the editors. We m
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Treading The Trackless Wastes
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Volume III
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