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MY WORDS My Viewpoint
It all started with a call on the Heritage Day 2020 long weekend from Alan, my old running partner of about 18 years. “Say you’re in for a challenge and I’ll tell you what it is!” After the obligatory Yes (How bad could it be? He had recently recover
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Exercise Can Offset Sugar Damage
A study showed that taking one drink averaging 75 grams of sugar, three times a day, for one week prevented blood vessels from widening as they normally do, a major risk factor for heart attacks.7 Then the people were told to continue taking one suga
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Into The Pool
Pool running is normally used for runners who are recovering from injuries and the sessions are done in a full-sized heated gym pool using a buoyancy belt (brands such as Aqua Jogger for about R750). You can do interval sessions in the pool and get y