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The truffle hunter

I like to end a meal with coffee and chocolate. I will happily forfeit a good night’s sleep and a thigh gap for caffeine and cacao. A crystal bowl filled with bright, shiny-papered Lindt balls or gold foil-wrapped Ferrero Rocher is my equivalent to my ma’s elegant post-dinner-party treats served with coffee. Marie was partial to Cote d’Or bouchées. , we called them, because they were shaped like elephants. They were unlike any chocolate I had ever tasted. A world away from the fake-flavour Sam used to hide in his clothes cupboard among his polyester paisley cravats.

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Love Bites
“I would like to fall face-first into the XL Cutie Pie (can we get these year-round please?).” – Katharine Pope “I want the big tin with all the Chuckles. For the simple reason that I think there can never be too many Chuckles.” – Jeanne Calitz
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Preserved Lemons
The Encyclopedia of Kitchen History traces preserved lemons back to the 11th century in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. Since then, the ingredient has journeyed to Israel, Iran, Turkey and India, but the base recipe used in the 12th century hasn’t chan
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Cook’s Tip:
“I love to eat this with a dollop of Woolies‘ guacamole and if I’m in a hurry I substitute the peppers and potatoes with a toasted wrap and fresh tomatoes.” – Hannah Lewry “The trick to chimichurri is to prepare it just before serving so the herbs d