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Q-boats Britain’s Deception At Sea
Countermeasures introduced to fight the U-boats included minefields, the defensive arming of merchant ships and the development of the Q-ship, or Q-boat. These were generally small tramp steamers, outwardly scruffy and unworthy of a torpedo, but equi
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Crete 1941
One-hundred kilometres from the mainland, Crete is the second-largest of the Greek islands, a strip of land measuring 258km from east to west and just 12km at its narrowest. Dominated by the White Mountains that form its spine, it has a rich history
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Searching For Brunanburh
In 937, four armies met at a place called Brunanburh. Three of them were an alliance led by Anlaf Guthfrithson, Viking King of Dublin; Constantine II, King of Alba (Scotland); and Owain, King of Strathclyde. These allies came together against Athelst