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Knights Of The Sky?
A myth pervaded at the time, and since, is that First World War air combat was somehow a chivalric affair. This was partly based on the glowing, propaganda-based press accounts at the time. Tales of gallant single-combat in the skies served as a dist
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The image of the chivalric gentleman aviator gallantly flying into battle to duel with the enemy is one of the enduring impressions of the First World War. This idealised, heroic figure is nowhere better embodied than in Manfred von Richthofen, later
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The Glosters’ Gunners
A handful of Royal Artillerymen were the only other British soldiers to receive a US Presidential Unit Citation for the Battle of the Imjin River C Troop, 170th Independent Mortar Battery was a small unit of gunners who were attached to the Glosters