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find myself using the a lot lately. To describe the mood in a room. Or the feeling I get—uplifting, downer, —from another person. Truth be told, it doesn’t even need to be an IRL interaction: I feel energy transfers from phone calls, texts, emails…even Instagram posts!

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Strength Train Your Self-estem
Check the Facts “We get so used to viewing our appearance through a lens of negative self-image and filters that we don’t see what’s really there. We distort it in our mind,” says Alyssa Lia Mancao, LCSW, a Los Angeles–based therapist. Try this: “Loo
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Plot Twist
Brittany Healy planned for a drug-free water birth when pregnant with her first child in 2015. But after 40 agonizing hours of labor—the first half at home, the second at the hospital nearby in Greensboro, North Carolina—she stopped progressing. Her
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Fresh Eats
What screams summer more than these little gold guys? Nada. To save, blanch ears—boil 2 minutes, cool in ice water—then cut kernels off the cob. Freeze on a parchmentlined sheet until firm; transfer to a container. Stash for up to four months. TOTAL: