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Sign Language
But don’t let the ease of use of today’s navigation technology lull you into a false sense of security. At the very least, before you head out on a cruise where you will be relying on charting software, you should know how to read a chart. Let’s take
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Brabus Shadow 500 Black Ops
Based on the acclaimed Axopar 28, the Brabus Shadow 500 Black Ops delivers a custom boat experience. “In the time it takes us to hand-paint just one Brabus Shadow 500 Black Ops Limited Edition ‘1 of 28,’ we could have completed construction of 30 Axo
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Rock Around The Dock
Lake of the Ozarks (LOTO for short), a sprawling impoundment built in Missouri in 1929, was the first body of water I was fortunate enough to call home. More recently, a labyrinth of canals etched in a fat, round point at the headwaters of Charlotte