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Eating in: How to transform pantry staples into comfort food

Banana peanut butter chocolate chip muffins Source: Kendra Nordin Beato/The Christian Science Monitor

A well-stocked pantry is one way to ward off the uncertainty of events beyond our control, be it a spring blizzard or global pandemic. But what to do with those pantry staples once you’ve returned from the grocery store laden with bags of flour, cans of beans, peanut butter, and enough rice to last you until 2022?

[Editor’s note: As a public service, all our coronavirus coverage is free. No paywall.]

This is not to make light of the new coronavirus, which has spurred a frenzy of

Stock up on fresh vegetables and fruitDiscover the grocery store’s international aisleStudy the structure of recipes, then innovate Search for no-knead bread recipe onlineLearn something newBanana peanut butter chocolate chip muffins

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