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The search for alien life

What would be the more shocking revelation: that our universe is teeming with life, making us just another mundane, if self-obsessed, organic smear across an unremarkable rocky planet orbiting a dime-a-billion yellow star; or that the universe is devoid of other intelligent life, making us astronomically unique, if no less self-obsessed?

Because, despite the best efforts of stargazers, we still don’t know which scenario is more likely to be true. In fact, every day, and every radio telescope sweep of the heavens that goes by without detecting even the faintest peep of alien life, makes it ever more likely that we are alone, adrift among the cold burning stars. When we gaze into the

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Believing Is Seeing
In The Gutenberg Galaxy, a revisionist tour de force that gave us the axiom “the medium is the message”, Marshall McLuhan argued that moveable type was the prime culprit in shaping a culture enslaved by the tyranny of the visual. Marks on the printed
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Seven Laws
According to Gestalt Psychology, people perceive the whole of something even if it is not there. The Gestalt’s Law of Organization states that people have seven factors that help to group what is seen into patterns or groups. The grouping of images o
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A Perception Of Something
IT IS IN THE EMPIRICIST development, as we know, that the new psychology, which was required as a correlate to pure natural science when the latter was separated off, is brought to its first concrete execution. Thus it is concerned with investigation