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The prisoner’s dilemma game

Tanya and Cinque have been arrested for robbing the Hibernia Savings Bank and placed in separate isolation cells. Both care much more about their personal freedom than about the welfare of their accomplice. A clever prosecutor makes the following offer to each. “You may choose to confess or remain silent. If you confess and your accomplice remains silent I will

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New Philosopher5 min lettiPsychology
Phenomenology of Perception
“I am, as a sensing subject, full of natural powers of which I am the first to be filled with wonder. Thus I am not, to recall Hegel’s phrase, a ‘hole in being,’ but rather a hollow, or a fold that was made and that can be unmade.” “I live in the fa
New Philosopher5 min lettiPsychology
Shifting Perspective
Recently, as civilisation has proceeded on its journey to hell in a handcart, I’ve found myself picturing a rocky coastline somewhere: a collection of giant boulders, standing impassive amid the crashing waves of a turbulent sea. I’m not sure where t
New Philosopher5 min letti
Character Versus Reputation
Let’s play a game of Would You Rather. Would you rather speak 5 languages or speak to animals? Would you rather run fast or fly slow? Would you rather be rich or famous? Would you rather travel 100 years to the past or the future? I know, these are h