through the looking glass

Look in the mirror and smile. A real, unrestrained one. Not a polite half-smile. Instead, try the kind of smile that’s all teeth. Raise your cheeks, part your lips, create a subtle crinkle near the eye. According to research, this

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Play With Neons
If there is ever a time and place to wear neon, it’s now and it’s on your lids. “Subtle pops of colour on the eyes will continue to be popular this summer. It’s an easy way to freshen up any neutral look while keeping your face looking youthful,” con
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Summer Specials
“Seaweed is an amazing source of vitamins and minerals. Nori, kelp, spirulina and chlorella are among the popular varieties of edible seaweed and are known for their detoxifying properties.”  “Always have coriander, cumin and cardamom on hand to inco
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Ingredient Improvement
“This summer, use soothing and antioxidant-packed hanbang ingredients like ginseng and mugwort to protect your skin barrier from sun damage and help skin cool down after a long day exposed to UV rays,” says Cho. Try: 1. Good (Skin) Days A New Leaf Cr